NAME: Harmony Grove
CLIMATE: Hot and muggy summers, cold and icy in winter
BEST TIME TO VISIT: spring and fall when the weather is cool
COMMENTS: Town parallels US 15. Worman's Mill Rd use to intersects US15 At Hayward Rd, but road closed in 2006. Harmony Grove remains along Worman's Mill Road where it parallels US 15.
REMAINS: Railroad tracks, and a few foundations from the old mill and post office A few old houses still exist as well as a haunted B&B
Once home to a mill, many brick homes, and a post office as well as a rteain station Harmony Grove had existed up until the mid 60's at which point the mill and post office shut down. Around the time of US15's four lane expansion the remaining buildings were demolitioned. All that remains is the railroad tracks, a few homes, and the Spring Bank Inn. At the train tracks, the remains of an old siding are still present, and in the weeds a few foundations can still be seen. Submitted by: AJ Heiner

Post Office Harmony Grove
Courtesy Jen Cromer

Spring Bank Inn
Courtesy Jen Cromer