NAME: Springville
COUNTY: Redwood
CLIMATE: Snow in winter, warm summers
COMMENTS: Go one mile East of Delhi, turn North and travel until you come to the bridge. Just before the bridge, on the West side, take what looks like a field road. This is a County cartway, but not maintanted, follow it to Gold Mine Lake.
REMAINS: Mining shaft & foundation to the crusher building
Gold, gold, gold, found along the Minnesota river, was the cry in the fall of 1894, however, it all turned out to be a hoax, or at least many think so. As a result, the town of Springville was born, but had a short life span of only about two years. Mining operations ended in the summer of 1896. The town site and gold mine was about a mile east of Vicksburg, on the south side of the Minnesota river. No doubt some of the residents from this small village may have worked at the mining site, or a least were keeping a close eye on things. The mine shaft is filled with water and goes down about 120 feet, sitting just behind the tailings pile. On the north side of the outcropping one can see the remains of the foundation where the crusher building once stood. The small spring fled lake there is known as Gold Mine Lake, with some of the purest water in the state, as lake water goes. However, I don't think I would drink it. Just to the ne of the lake is most likely where the town once stood. It is unknown if the buildings were made of wood or if they were tents. The town had businesses related to a mining town. They consisted of a general store, livery stable, dance hall and hotel. "ladies of the night" or "dance hall girls" as they were sometimes called, would come out on the weekends from Minneapolis by train to Morton and then go by stagecoach to Springerville. This was somewhat of an inconvenience, but the town of Delhi would not allow "sporting women" in their town. Today the lake is used, mostly on weekends, as a local swimming hole. Submitted by: Duane V. Peterson

Courtesy Duane Peterson