NAME: Brewton
CLIMATE: Hot and humid summer, mild winter, no snow
BEST TIME TO VISIT: Spring, fall and winter
COMMENTS: Thick woods. Some residents in general area. Off Pascagoula River Road.
REMAINS: Nothing remains except part of the basement of the courthouse.
Brewton a lumber town and was the site of the 2 nd. courthouse built in Jackson County. The first courthouse was in the ghostown of Americus. Brewton sat on a hill on the west bank of the Pascagoula River. There were stores, houses, maybe a hotel and a bank. Few homes still remain in general area. Town is gone. A historial marker in the area about a church still there but not original and another ghostown named Wolf Pit. The courthouse may have been the one the outlaw James Copeland burned. Copeland Gang in area may have buried gold stolen in New Orleans or Mobile. Copelang hanged in 1850's in ghostown of Agusta in Perry Co. Check county records in Pascagoula for more information. Also, library has book on the outlaw James Copeland and his stolen gold and silver coins. Submitted by: Steve Rankin