NAME: Landusky
COUNTY: Phillips
CLIMATE: Cool winter and summer.
COMMENTS: Off S.R. 191.
REMAINS: Many ruins.
Powell Landusky, a teenager from Missouri, came to Last Chance Gulch during the late 1870s and eked out an existence panning for gold. In 1880, Landusky, in a fight with some Souix Indians, took a bullet in the jaw, which disfigured him for life. In 1893, Landusky and a partner were prospecting along a ridge when they discovered a vein of rich ore thirteen feet wide that would yield them $13,000 a ton and the stampede was on. The mining camp was known as Sandusky and on June 9, 1894, it officially became the town of Sandusky. Christmas was always a time for celebration for mining activity was at a minimum due to heavy snowfall. It was to be Powell Landusky's last Chtristmas. On the morning of December 26, 1894, Powell Landusky walked into a saloon and ordered a drink for it was bitter cold that morning. Kid Curry, with whom Landusky had been feuding, came into the saloon and a fight between two ensued. Landusky was shot and killed by Kid Curry who later was to join up with Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid. Enough old structures remain to imagine what Landusky was like in its violent days. Submitted by Henry Chenowith.