NAME: Lion City
COUNTY: Beaverhead
CLIMATE: Heavy snows in winter, mild summers
COMMENTS: The townsite of Lion City has long been abandoned. It is located about 12 miles west of Melrose at the head of the Trapper Creek drainage, adjacent to Hecla. On your way, you will pass through the old townsite of Glendale, which housed the smelting facilities for the mining district. One should prepare for a slow ride to the site as the road is very primitive and accessible with a 4WD or ATV.
REMAINS: About 15 stuctures remain in the Lion City area

Lion City was the second community founded in the Bryant Mining District, following the formation of the town named Trapper City. As Lion Mountain proved to be rich in ores, the residents moved their homes and businesses closer to the mining activity. The first post office in the area was at Trapper City and was referred to as the Burnt Pine Post Office. As the mines owned by the Hecla Consolidated Mining Company began to close in the early 1900s, the residents slowly trickled out of the area. Lion City's neighbors, in Hecla, were often surprised with snowslides that destroy almost everything in thier path. Businesses included, grocers, dry goods, saloons, blacksmith shops, stage operators and brothels. Submitted by: Ben Goody



Lion City/Hecla Area Courtesy David Eggebraaten Lion City Mine
Courtesy Brent Bull

A few resident buildings still standing
Courtesy Brent Bull

More houses in the trees
Courtesy Brent Bull