NAME: Sherbrooke
COUNTY: Steele
CLIMATE: Hot summers, frigid winters
BEST TIME TO VISIT: early summer
COMMENTS: No population
REMAINS: Several vacant homes, many of which are overgrown. there is a retaining wall and brick foundation of what was once a large building in town--possibly the onetime county courthouse?
Sherbrooke appears as the county seat of Steele County in my 1928 edition of the New World Atlas and Gazeteer by P.R. Collier and Son of New York. An earlier map of North Dakota posted on the internet dated 1895 also shows Sherbrooke as the county seat of Steele County. My 1950's edition of Hammond's Ambassador World Atlas does not show the town at all, and shows Finley as the county seat of Steele County. All information on Sherbrooke comes from the following site, which includes pictures of some of the remains: Submitted by: Greg Fry