NAME: Van Hook
COUNTY: Montrail County
CLIMATE: underwater
BEST TIME TO VISIT: none, underwater
COMMENTS: Van Hook, like it's sister town Sanish, was engulfed by the Garrison Diversion Project and the resulting Lake Sakakawea.
REMAINS: Back in the '70's, there were some really bad droughts. The story is that at one point, the water got low enough in some places to expose some of the old foundations. Can't confirm, just hearsay.

The Van Hook Arm of Lake Sakakawea covers the area where the town used to be. Van Hook and it's sister town Sanish were relocated to what is now called New Town and a newer Sanish. Submitted by: Matt Rothchild

I just found your site. I can confirm your 'hearsay'. Our family stopped in Van Hook on the way to a vacation in the Teton's in '68. I was only a year old when they moved the town but my older brother and sister remember living there.
Our parents didn't expect being able to see and walk up to our foundation and I was fascinated by it.
Ours was moved to Newtown and my dad as minister, built as in the congregation, Bethel Lutheran Church in Newtown, combining Sanish and Van Hook. They set our house next to the future site of it and the house was eventually moved, 'at least' once again.
Thank you.
Steven Tande