NAME: Osco
COUNTY: Kearney
CLIMATE: Winter snow, no snow in summer
COMMENTS: Osco was once the postal operation for the farming community called by the same name. Nothing remains except the cemetery. The original church was moved into Minden where it is now used as a residence.
REMAINS: Cemetery, farms in the area.
Osco was the home of the parents & family of two of the most wanted killers in the mid-west. Brothers Ed and Alonzo Maxwell were trying to make their way back to Nebraska after killing the sheriff of Calhoun County in Illinois during a gunfight on the Fox Creek. They were wanted by the law for the murders of two other lawmen, brothers Milton and Charles Coleman in Durand, Wisconsin. They are the only men in US history responsible for the killings of 3 sheriffs. Their parents, David and Susan Maxwell are buried in the Osco Cemetery along with 2 of their brothers. Another brother, George Maxwell, was inducted into the National Trapshooters Hall of Fame and the equivalent for Nebraska. He was an excellent marksman. What made his ability so remarkable was that he only had one arm. One of his close friends was John Phillip Sousa, the great writer of march music. Submitted by: Les Kruger

Osco Cemetery
Courtesy Les Kruger

Osco Church
Courtesy Les Kruger

Osco Marker
Courtesy Les Kruger

Ed Maxwell
Courtesy Les Kruger

Alonzo Maxwell
Courtesy Les Kruger