NAME: Hampton Furnace
COUNTY: Burlington County
CLIMATE: Cool winters, warm-to-hot summers
BEST TIME TO VISIT: All year though likely snowy/cold in winter.
COMMENTS: To find Hampton Furnace, make your way to Hammonton and travel north-east out of town on Route 206 to Atsion (Route 206 at Atsion Rd.) Go slightly beyond the town and take a right on Hampton Rd. Follow this road for about 2 to 3 miles until you get to Riders Switch and Glossy Spung Rd/High Crossing Rd. The remains are in that area.
REMAINS: Foundations, paths, remains of the old furnace/mill and stone walls.
Just discovered this place on Google Maps and did a bit of research on it. The furnace at Hampton Furnace began operations in the late-18th Century and ceased operations in the mid-19th Century. Today it sits in a massive state forest known as the "Pinelands" and "Pine Barrens." Submitted by: JL