NAME: Pancoasts' Mill
COUNTY: Atlantic
CLIMATE: 0 to 10 C in winter, up to 40 C in summer.
BEST TIME TO VISIT: In daylight hours.
COMMENTS: This place is located on a secluded countryside road winding its way through the dense forests. The site is located a bit north of the Pancoasts' Mill Pond, which is located at the sharp curve off Pancoasts' Mill Road, Buena, NJ.(Accessible from Hwy 40 to Rt 555)
REMAINS: Remnants
This was the site of where my great-great-great-great-grandfather, Ambrose Pancoast, owned mills. The Pancoast family resided there until the incorporation of Vineland, a large city nearby. Ambrose Pancoast, along with Aquilla Downs, financed the construction of Friendship M.E. Church, which is located at the end of Friendship Road, close to Buena Regional High School. Ambrose and his wife, Rebecca Pancoast, as well as their descendants are buried in a large plot at the Friendship Cemetery. Very little is known about this site, but I am researching it. I will also go to the site and take photos to submit at a later date. Submitted by: Marc Erik Chance