COUNTY: Torrance
CLIMATE: Summers mild to hot. Winters can be pretty cold.
COMMENTS: Abo. T town in sw part of the county, 6 mi sw of mountainair on us 60. Take your camera and lots of film. You are going to visit a treasure of the sw for abo the town is adjacent to abo the state monument. Ruins left by former piro indians.
REMAINS: Massive rock structure ruins.
Abo State Monument. Ruins left by former tompiros division of the Pito Indians, on Arroyo Empedradillo. First mentioned in 1598 by Juan de Onate. Became seat of Mission of San Gregorio, founded 1629 by Fray Francisco de Acevedo, who erected a large chruch and monastery, the walls of which are still standing. Abo is shown on L'Atlas Cirieux (1700). Population during early mission days was probably two thousnd. Prior to the Pueblo Rebellion of 1680, the village was abandoned because of Apache raids. The ruins have been ecavated by the Museum of New Mexico and were declared a state monument on August 30, 1939. Abo is said to have been dedicated to San Gregorio, patorn saint of the old city of Abo, Finland, but the name is a Piro Indian word used for the pueblo in 1598, whereas the mission was not established until thirty years afterward. Settlement takes its name for the state monmumet. Postoffice between 1910, 1911. Submitted by: Samuel W McWhorter

Abo - Indian Ruins
Courtesy Doug Rodely

What appears to be an old adobe home
Courtesy Doug Rodely