NAME: Bluewater
COUNTY: Cibola
CLIMATE: Do not worry about the weather!
COMMENTS: Bluewater. Now cibola county. Reference book states valencia county but the county has been split. On us 66, 11 mi nw of grants. Post office 1889/ 1892. 1895 / .
REMAINS: Small farm community
Bluewater. Named for bluewater lake, located in bluewater canyon, which is l shaped, 7 mi long, 3 mi wide, and the waters are of a bluish hue. Fed by azul creek and other springs, triangle bar spring, named for triangle bar ranch, among them. In 1850 a frenchman, martin boure, had a small irrigated farm above the present lake; the ruins still stand. His farm was 14 or 15 mi from the present town, but was the beginning of the settlement of bluewater valley. In 1870 other frenchmen came and organized a cattle company, irrigating their ranches from a small reservoir. They built the first dam of dirt in 1885. It washed out the next year. In 1891/ 92 there was a terrible drought, their cattle died, and the project was abandoned. In 1894 mr. Al tietgen, from nearby ramah, recognized the possibilities of the valley and built a dam across bluewater canyon. He induced several mormon families to join him and a mormon settlement was founded. Later he induced the at&sf rr to help, and a cement dam was built impounding enough water for irrigating the valley. In 1904 the dam was again washed out and a new one built. The tietjen blood is still strong in the area. The elkins brothers, tom and mark married tietjen girls. A son of g. P. Roundy, bert, married into the elkins family. Dwan berryhill married into the elkins family. The families still live and ranch right in that little valley.Blue canyon. Socorro county. On teh old raod from socorro to magdalena; mineral deposits in the rocks, at certain times of the day, are as blue as giant peacock feathers.Blue creek. Grant county. Flows s into gila river.Blue hole. Quay county. 5 mi n of tucumcari. Blue pools on pioneer trail to las vegas.Blue hole spring. Guadalupe county. See santa rosa creek.Blue lake. Guadalupe county. 1 mi e of santa rosa; so deep the water shows an intense blue.Blue lake. Taos county. At upper end of hondo canyon, sacred lake of the taos indians. During august no permits are issued by the us forest service to visit here, becasue this is the period when the taos indians hold sacred ceremonies at the lake. Indian sentinels guard all trails at this time.Blue mesa. Catron county. 6 mi e of madre mts.Blue springs. Eddy county.Blue springs. Socorro county.Blue water. Lincoln county. Se part of the county, 13 mi ne of lincoln.Blue bird mesa. Sandoval county. 8 mi e of lagunitas. Submitted by: Samuel W McWhorter