NAME: Bluitt
COUNTY: Roosevelt
CLIMATE: Typical southwest desert. Hot, dry, windy and dust except when a cold snap rolls in.
BEST TIME TO VISIT: The entire year
COMMENTS: Nine miles east of Milnesand on state hiway 262.The spelling is sometimes Bluit and often times Bluitt.Take your choice. Both of them have a nice ring.
REMAINS: Nothing left of bluitt
The name came from the Bluitt Ranch in Texas which was suggested by J. T. Hadaway, former ranch employee. The post office of this small ranching and farming area opened for business July 7, 1916. Sometimes the spelling is sometimes with one 't' and other times 'tt'.In 1918, bluitt had a school enrollment of 22 students. Many changes were made b the Board of Education during the drouth years of 1917-20 to better accomodate the new population pattern. School buildings were moved, the rea redistricted and consolidated on a trialbasis. Because of the rapid decline in enrollment, a resolutilon was passed stating that if any school's average fell below seven for daily attendance, that school would have to be closed. By the 1927-28 school term the enrollment in Bluitt had risen to 47, and in 1937-38 it had climbed to 55. It is understandable how each community fought to keep the school in operation, for when consolidation occured, the town usually declined. The post office closed on January 15, 1944. Submitted by: Samuel W McWhorter