NAME: Boaz
COUNTY: Chavez
CLIMATE: Beautiful New Mexico weather 365 days and nights every year!
BEST TIME TO VISIT: When ever your heart desires!
COMMENTS: No residents for the past 65 years. Only ghosts remain, along with some foundations forbuildings erected by the AT&SF RR Co for their section gang who maintained that long lonesomestretch of track back then. It is reached by traveling north and east from Roswell NM on State Highway # 70 for about 40 miles. You might prowl around and find and arrow head if you look inthe right place. This was a buffalo and indian land before the white eyes messed it up. Let yourimagination wander and enjoy the scenery.
REMAINS: Some cement foundations if you look closely.

The Atchison Topeka and Santa Fe Railroad established a switch and a place to house the maintaince crew and named it Boaz. Boaz is a pass word from the Ancient Free and Accepted Masonic Rituals.The name of Boaz was probably given by a member of the Masonic Lodge and a brother of this author. It has not been used for the past 60years and the sections houses have been gone for that long. Themaximum residents were probably 30 to 40 people. The only thing left is three windmill towers. One tower has a mill on it. I have been told that there was not enough wind for all three mills so theyhad to take two of them down. Sound alright to me. If you visit just let your imagination run wild. If you get a chance to meet one of the ranchers or a cowboy you will be doing yourself a favor. Theyare the finest people in the world. Right there in Chavez County! Submitted by: Samuel W McWhorter

Boaz. Established in 1907. Named by W. W. Weatherby for Boaz mentioned in Book of Ruth in the Bible. Post office commissioned in 1920/1925.

Courtesy Sam McWhorter