NAME: Causey
COUNTY: Roosevelt
CLIMATE: Balmy springs. Hot summers. Cold winters. Wonderul fall
BEST TIME TO VISIT: All around the year
COMMENTS: Originally named for an old buffalo hunter, George Causey, who freighted from Las Vegas to Fort Worth, Texasover the old Fort Sumner Trail. In 1881 Causey's family lived on a ranch 50 miles to the east of Portales and later moved near the resent site of the town of Causey.
REMAINS: Haven't been there since 1940. Wasn't much there then. Probably less now.
The Causey community is off New Mexico Road 92 and is 35 miles southeast of Portales in a rich farming and ranching belt. There is some controversy as to howthe community acquired it name. The sory goes tht the Causey name came form one of the vice presidents of a railroad whom Dr. Joseph M Manes, founder of the town and first postmaster in 1907, hoped to influence the building a a line through the area. However, the story of a nameless railroad is so vague that it is challenged by this writer who opts for being named for the buffalo hunter George Causey. I prefer buffalo hunters over railroad owners. I am in the process ofgetting together some of the early and present settlers names. Submitted by: Samuel W McWhorter

Old school house in Causey, NM
Courtesy A. Baucom

Front of Causey, NM school building
Courtesy A. Baucom