NAME: Correo or Suwanee
COUNTY: Valencia
GRID #(see map): 1
CLIMATE: Snow in the winter, Hot in the summer.
COMMENTS: No buildings.
leveled ruins. West of Los Lunas NM, take us Highway # 6 for approximately 30 miles.
All thats left is scenry and memories.
REMAINS: Memories, thats about all. Some one would have to point out where buildings once stood.

Correo started out as a postoffice on US 66 in about 1920. The highway and AT&SF Railroad converged at that point.
The postmaster in 1930 was Francis Pentz. Joe Pentz was a worn out cowboy and he had parkinsons disease. They had a son
Duane who worked on local ranches until the big war broke out and he moved to Connecticut and never returned. Correo was
a store and postoffice for about 60 years.
A one room school house (A box car)was provided for the section crews children. The school teacher in 1935, 1936 was Tillie
Sanchez from Belen, New Mexico.
Fernaux Brothers ranched sheep and cattle, and their pastures adjoined the postoffice and store.
V P Harrington and Sons ranches cattle and quarter horses beginning just across the tracks and extending another 20 miles
south. They had a big ranch. They sold out to Buddy Major. Lee Evans owned a ranch that extended almost to the top of Mt.Taylor to the North west from Correo. Their manager was Bill and Elnor Smith. Elnor taught school at Paguate NM and Bill ran the ranch. They don't get their mail there anymore. They get it now in Corona NM. August Seis and Pie Wilson had the -15 ranch a little further to the south. It was a big outfit. Branded 1500 calves
on a good year. The Santa Fe railroad had an Operator at Suwanee. Correo and Suwanee were both referred to as one and the same by the residents and ranchers of the area.
In 1931 the State of New Mexico built a new road from a junction west of Correo to Albuquerque and that road became US 66.
About 1938 the post office, Correo, was moved to that junction. The owner of the Standard station and postmaster was Lee Williams. The post office was discontinued in 1960. A trading post and beer joint is all thats left of Correo and Suwanee. How sad.

Submitted by: Samuel W McWhorter