NAME: Deep lake
COUNTY: Roosevelt
CLIMATE: Southwest desert. What you see you get.
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COMMENTS: Deep Lake. Settled around the turn of the Century, 1900 / 1912. The little settlement didn't make much of a splash.My reference book "Roosevelt County History and Heritage" , which might be had for a $5 bill plus mailing to Chamber of Commerce, Portales, gives it a dot on the map and name only in identification. Looks like it was ended before the wagons got unloaded.
REMAINS: In spanish. Nada.
Deep Lake. Got its name from someone who was an optimistic cuss. There is porbably no lake there to start with. If there happened to be a lake it would not be deep.I can't provide very much information from the research material I have available. Whatever happened out there, somebody failed to write it down. If they wrote it down they still have it packed since they moved away. Submitted by: Samuel W McWhorter