NAME: Fairfield
COUNTY: Roosevelt
CLIMATE: Real good
BEST TIME TO VISIT: Christmas vacation is a good time
COMMENTS: Fairfield. Located in the extreme NE corner of Roosevelt county in what is referred to as 'plum nelly'. The guy said it is plum out of Texas and nelly out of New Mexico. I like that saying.No residents I am afraid. If you can find the county line, you can almost step on Fairfield. It is about 25 miles north and east from Portales or about 15 miles south and west from Texaco. Yougot your bearings now?
REMAINS: Nothing at all
Fairfield. Names of this type have sometimes been considered in the euphemistic or idealistic category, expressing both the imagination and hopes of the original settlers. Fairacres, Fairbanks, Fairfield, Fairweather, and Fairview are such names.In this instance the name did not deter the drought of 1906/1912. A long dry spell. So many settlements did not survive that one. That was the bad part of the century for a lot of folks. Pretty sad when you think about it. Submitted by: Samuel W McWhorter