NAME: Glorieta
COUNTY: Santa Fe
GRID #(see map): 2
CLIMATE: Mild winter, warm summer
Spring, winter, fall
COMMENTS: Semi-ghost
REMAINS: Many original buildings
Glorieta had its beginning a few years after the Civil War. It was, however, during the war that the town to be had its claim to fame. During March of 1862 as the Confederates attempted to occupy New Mexico, a decisive engagement between Confederate and Union troops took place at a site named Pigeon's Ranch near La Glorieta Pass. The battle ended with a Union victory and put an end to the Confederate challenge to New Mexico. In 1879, the Atchison, Topeka and Santa Fe Railroad came over La Glorieta Pass and a small village began to grow a few miles west of Pigeon's Ranch that was to become the town of Glorieta. Shortly after World War II the Southern Baptist Assembly chose Glorieta as headquarters for their western leadership center. Today the town has a small mercantile store, a restaurant, a gift shop and a sprinkling of homes. Courtesy Henry Chenoweth.