NAME: Hawikuh ruins-Zuni Indian Pueblo
COUNTY: Valencia/now cibola
CLIMATE: Hot summers. Cold winters.
BEST TIME TO VISIT: Any time would be simply beautiful!
COMMENTS: Hawikuh ruins. Sw of the present day zuni indian pueblo.
REMAINS: Rock walls a plenty.
Hawikuh. This is, no doubt, the oldest ghost town listed in these directories, of the entire united states. This is the village that was visited by coronado in his first expedition to the new world in 1540. It was on this site that "estevan" the moorish slave was killed a couple of years earlier, by the zuni's when he made demands on the natives that they found offensive.Coronado expected to find a city whose streets were paved with gold so it proved to be nothing but a big dissapointment to him. A beautiful story that should be required reading in our schools today. Coronado preceeded capt. John smith by a hundred years! a visit to this ghost town will not disappoint any history buff.Also. See our section on "maps" to see the exact location in relation to other historical points of interest. Submitted by: Samuel W McWhorter