NAME: Hawkins
COUNTY: Roosevelt
CLIMATE: My but its nice
BEST TIME TO VISIT: Easter is an excellent time. Hide your eggs under
COMMENTS: Hawkins. Located about 20 miles north west from Portales. About five miles northwest of Floyd, due south from Langton/Langston, and pretty close to Painter.Does that help you locate the spot?
Hawkins. Probably named for who was at one time an attorney for AT&SF RR and later general attorney for the old EP&SW RR. He did not bring good fortune for the town named for him. I doubt if he ever set foot in it anyhow. Hawkins had its beginningas a result of the homestead act and probably began around 1906 which was just in time to start feeling the drought of 1906/1912which was one long dry spell by any standards. I is no wonder that the settlement failed. They had no help from the big Uncle (Sam) that is. Submitted by: Samuel W McWhorter