NAME: Highlonesome
COUNTY: Chavez
CLIMATE: See Roswell
COMMENTS: Highlonesome was never more than a little store with one gas pump. It was owned by Bill McCombs whowas a brother in law to Bob Crosby the worlds famous steer roper who had a ranch near by. Most of the area ranchers got their mail delivered to Highlonesome and it was the meeting place for that corner of theworld. Bill McCombs had two daughters and two sons. Strawberry was the eldest and finally bought the BobCrosby ranch at Highlonesome; Bill Jr. who ran the Diamon A Ranch Co; Iola, who still lives in Roswell and Barbara who now lives back east. Somewhere. Highlonesome became no more in about 1942 when Bill builta new home in Kenna and moved his family closer to civilization. Somebody will have to show you where it was because I don't believe there is even a tin can left of what used to be a welcome sight to a lot of folks.
REMAINS: Not a thing

High Lonesome started out on what was the main road to Roswell from Clovis way back when. At Kenne you would turn due south for a distance of about 35 milesand when you could see the rail road mountains you would turn back west for another 50 miles or so to Elkins and then turn back a little south and west to crossthe Pecos river and there you were in Roswell.Nothing left there now except the rail road mountains. They are worth looking at. When you see them they will need no introduction. You will know that you havearrived at the rail road mountains and pretty close to Highlonesome. Some of the families in the area back in the 40's were Bob Crosby, Bill McCombs, Mr. Vessels, Jones, Berryhills, McDowell, Lloyd Mooney..and a lot more. Submitted by: Samuel W McWhorter

I was born and raised in NM and remember Highlonesome . We were on our way to Roswell this morning Sept. 1st, 2013, and stopped at Haystack mountain recreation area,which is where Highlonesome was located. We pulled through a cattle guard on to the old road and I was telling my wife about the station that was there at one time. We went about 20 yards and there set the foundation of the station. So there still is something there. We left there and went on down to Acme and Frazier NM. At Acme we found old bricks with company names and towns engraved in them,also was lucky enough to find an old brick chisel. Frazier still has old school building and cemetery.
Jim Hall
Portales, NM