NAME: Krider
COUNTY: Roosevelt
CLIMATE: Snow /rain/sleet/dust/wind/sand/we got it all!
BEST TIME TO VISIT: Any time at all
COMMENTS: Krider. Probably takes its name from some family who started the settlement. On the AT &SF RR just 33 miles NW from Portales.About the only thing to do when you get here is get out of your car and stretch.
REMAINS: Not even a tin plate
Krider. According to my reference book, "Roosevelt County History and Heritage", which can be obtained by sending $5 plust $3 shipping, to Portales Chamber of Commerce, Krider never had a post office. The homestead act began almost at the time a record breaking drought was beginning also so some of these little settlements had the deck stacked against them. This little settlement was on the rail road and had above average chance for survival. My reference shows it to still be an active settlement.Anybody out there? Maybe a switch on the rail road? Submitted by: Samuel W McWhorter