NAME: Langton-langston
COUNTY: Roosevelt
CLIMATE: Pretty darned nice
BEST TIME TO VISIT: When you are on vacation
COMMENTS: Langton/Langston. It is printed both ways. The post office says Langton.What ever you want to call it, it is about 22 miles west and north from Portales.It is north and west from Floyd, and almost due east from Granite Valley.
REMAINS: Nothing. I mean nada. Zilch.
Langton. Named for Joe Lang who operated a ranch in the vicinity and was an early sheriff of Roosevelt County. A post office was commissioned January 5, 1904 and went out of service onJuly 30, 1921. One reference says the post office operated until 1930. You may have your choice of the dates the post office went out of business as well as the color of Mr. Langs hair. Submitted by: Samuel W McWhorter