NAME: Lingo
COUNTY: Roosevelt
CLIMATE: Nice all the time
BEST TIME TO VISIT: Any time at all. We like to close christmas day
COMMENTS: Lingo. 30 miles southeast of Portales on New Mexico R9ad 92 acquired its name on March 6, 1918, but the name Lingo has neverbeen authenticated.
REMAINS: There are a few buildings (the last post office and a least one house or two) in what used to be considered Lingo.  These were there when I went through there again in 2008.  I had a lot of kin folks that lived in and homesteaded in this area in the early 1900's.  
There are reports that the name had something to do with the way the people talked, but it is also believed that a pioneer family is commemorated. The post office was established on March 16, 1918.In 1916 school was being held in a dug-out. By the next school term, a frame building had replaced the first single room dirt dug-out. There was a consolidation of Nigger Hill and Willow Hill schools in 1925 and the name was changed to Mid-way. In 1926 the Lingo school was moved to Midway, and then in 1929, the combined group took the name Lingo. Confusing? Lets go over that one moretime. Submitted by: Samuel W McWhorter
Courtesy Lyndon Irwin