NAME: Mentmore
COUNTY: McKinley
GRID #(see map): 1
CLIMATE: Mild winter, warm summer
Spring, winter, fall
COMMENTS: Privately Owned.
REMAINS:A few remnants, trading post is now a church.
A coal-mining town, Mentmore had its start in 1913 when the first mine opened. At first, the town was named Dilco but was changed to Mentmore when the post office was established. The town had a company store, school, homes and a power plant. Employees lived in company owned houses of two to four rooms all with electricity and running water. Eight grades were taught at the Mentmore school and free bus transportation to Gallup was provided for high school students. The mines ceased operations in 1952. The townsite is privately owned.Courtesy Henry Chenoweth.

Mentmore townsite - July 2000
Todd Underwood

Old Mentmore Trading post - now a church - July 2000
Todd Underwood