NAME: Pacquate-Paguate
CLIMATE: Summers are ideal. Winters can creep up your trouser leg.
COMMENTS: Pacquate. Post office 1922/1927.Paguate. Trading point 8 mi n of laguna. Both paraje and paguate grew out of summer indian settlements of the laguna indians, which were temporary locations prior to 1870, but which have now become permanent settlements. Named for antonion paguat, one of the four mexicans from whom the lagunas purchased the land subsequently known as paguate grant. The name paguat or paguate appears in late eighteenth-centruy records of local parishes.
REMAINS: The village stands

Paguate creek. Flows s to join the rio san jose, 3 mi e of laguna.Paguate grant. Extends approximately 24 mi e to w, 6 mi n to s, with paguate at the center.Paguate mesa. Site of cebolleta village. Post office 1905/1908. Mail to laguna. Submitted by: Samuel W McWhorter

I lived in Jackpile NM for most of the last 3 years of its existance. It was founded by AnacondA mining company (in the 1950s) as a village for its staff. At its peak it had 15 homes and 7 trailers. It is located about a mile south of the present town of Old Paguate which has been occupied continuously for a few hundred years. It was abandoned in 1982 shortly after the uranium mine Closed. The last resident was Jane Gardner who had been the teacher at its k-8 one room school house.

The houses were demolished shortly after the mine closed. The airport runway now serves as part of the main road between Old Laguna and Old and New Paguate. The office building at the town was used by the Laguna tribe as office space for some time after the mine closure.

I have not visited there since the mine closed but friends in the area mentioned the demolition of the houses there, leaving only the playground, school and Geology buildings. I do not know if either of those buildings remain.

Jim Manning