NAME: Paxton-Paxton springs
COUNTY: Cibola
ROADS: The NM 56 designation for the Paxton Springs road is off of 1950's maps. High clearance 2wd or 4wd is preferable at all times and 4wd is absolutely necessary during snow melt and monsoon rains.
CLIMATE: It has been known to be real hot. Cold sometimes too!
COMMENTS: Paxton. Post office 1929/1930. Also known as Paxton springs. Paxton. Otero county. Community on us 54 and SP RR, 5 mi S of Escondida and 25 mi S of Alamogordo. Paxton Springs is on Private land. The best one can do is drive through it on County Road 62-A and kindly observe the "No Trespassing" signs.
REMAINS: Inquire locally - The old place is so run down now, it's hardly worth getting off the main road. And you may not stop and poke around like at some ghost towns on public land.
Paxton springs. Also called Paxton. Former logging camp on nm 56, 15 mi sw of grants and once the terminus for Breece Lumber co. Rr, 4 mi from ice caves. Named for the Paxton family who were early settlers. Submitted by: Samuel W McWhorter