NAME: Pinos Wells
COUNTY: Torrance
BEST TIME TO VISIT: Couldn't check

COMMENTS: I've found that point on the old New Mexico Map from 1895. It's available at . The information about population of New Mexico in 1895 (also on that site) points Pinos Wells and states that it had 21 habitants and the post office. I've found two historical traces on the net about Pinos Wells: first is a diary available at (6th paragraph) and the second is in biography of the New Mexico republican delegate Jose Fransisco Chavez- the last point of his biography. I cannot check those informations, cause I live in Europe and I can only gather information through the net, but I suppose that this place is worth an inspection. It's about 50 miles north of White Oaks in the eastern part of Valencia county.. See the map I've mentioned. Best Regards

REMAINS: The cemetery is located at N34 26.759 W105 37.714, There are some ruminants of an old building about a half mile to the WSW.

For sure it still existed in 1895, had 21 habitants and the post office. Probably it was a stage stop between white oaks and las vegas/santa fe. Submitted by: Szymon Grygiel