NAME: Rancho
COUNTY: Roosevelt
CLIMATE: Hot and Cold
BEST TIME TO VISIT: When ever you desire
COMMENTS: Rancho. Located 14 miles NW of Melrose in the extreme North East Corner of the County. The spanish word for Ranch, is a hamlet, or cluster of dwellings,or cattle range and buildings. In American use, the word originally was aplied to the dwellings of workers, herdsmen, or rarmers, but eventually it was used for landed estate, called hacienda in other Spanish-American countries and in NM it became synonymous with 'village' Ranchito of course became a smaller settlement. Rancheria is used for many years to designate Apache brush camps, synonym for 'suburb'.
REMAINS: Nado. Spanish for no thing. Nada.
Rancho. Had its beginning arount the turn of the century. A post office was commissioned in 1913 andclosed in 1925. Submitted by: Samuel W McWhorter