NAME: Roebuck
COUNTY: Roosevelt
CLIMATE: Sunny, hot, cold, windy, snow, dust sometime all in the same day
BEST TIME TO VISIT: Love to have you any time 365 days a year open
COMMENTS: Roebuck, which was five miles northeast of Causey was named for a settler who homesteaded in the region.
REMAINS: Not even a tin can.
There was never a post office, or much of a settlement. It was established because of extra acreage being allowed for a school or homestead loacted on the land. Nothing remains today except a small cemetery which is called 'The Roebuck Cemetery'. This writer has found the mention of a cemetery to be unusual in all the towns and settlements I have researched. On my next trip over that way, I am going to visit that little cemetery and read some of the stones if I can. I will report to you my findings. Submitted by: Samuel W McWhorter