NAME: Salt lake
COUNTY: Roosevelt
CLIMATE: We do have climate !
BEST TIME TO VISIT: Any time, but how about Valentines day?
COMMENTS: Salt Lake. Four miles northeast of Arch by my reference, but then another book definitely says i6 is southeast of Arch. Ordinarily that could be a problem, but in this instance I doubt that itmakes a difference. Northeast or Southeast. Flip a coin. I opt of northeast but I'm not going to look for anything over there anyhow.
Salt Lake. Some pretty nice towns have taken that name. This is not one of them however. I do not find reference to a salt lake in this area except in name only.Somebody gave it the name and I wish we had a written record of what they had on their minds. Sorry. This settlement was in a good location to have survived if anyof them could. A six year drought is bad. Submitted by: Samuel W McWhorter