NAME: San Antonio
COUNTY: Socorro
GRID #(see map): 5
CLIMATE: Mild winter, warm summer
Spring, winter, fall
COMMENTS: Semi-ghost
REMAINS: Present-day San Antonio lies just north of the older section
Not anywhere near as famous as its sister city in Texas, the New Mexico town of San Antonio has its own claim to fame. Sometime in the late 1880s, A.H. Hilton arrived in the town and opened the Hilton Mercantile Company that also served as the Hilton Hotel. It was here that the world-renowned Hilton Hotel had its beginning and claimed for San Antonio a famous son, Conrad Hilton. Born December 25, 1887, Conrad became business partners with his father in 1915 and bought his first hotel four years later in Cisco, Texas. Today, the once prosperous Hilton section of San Antonio is reduced to an old post office building, a few other deserted buildings, and ruins. Present-day San Antonio, a functioning community, lies just north of the older section.Courtesy Henry Chenoweth.