NAME: Tererro
COUNTY: San Miguel
GRID #(see map): 2
CLIMATE: Warm summers; cold winters.
COMMENTS: Located towards the end of highway 63 north of Pecos. The drive is worth your time. UPDATE: Post office closed Sept 30, 2014.
REMAINS: There is still a store/post office there.

Tererro was strictly a mining camp. The camp started in 1882 mining copper. The ore was shipped to nearby Glorieta. The Goodrich-Lockhart Company owned the town from 1916-1926, and then the American Metal Company took over from 1926-1939. During this latter decade, the mines and the town grew. Copper, gold, silver,lead, and zinc were all taken. The town grew to about 3,000 and had a school, hospital, restaurant, jail, boarding houses, etc. The red-light district was known as "Chihuahua", as the majority of the miners were Spanish-speaking men. Tererro started to die in 1939 after a troubled strike at the mine. The town is now utilized as a stop over for hikers going into the Santa Fe National Forest and the Pecos Wilderness. Submitted by: Paul Lessard

UPDATE: Tererro, New Mexico no longer exists as a ghosttown. I was there about a year ago on a fishing trip and the United States Forest Service was in the area tearing down the town site. I talked with the head of the crew and he stated to me that they were restoring the land to its natural state. The mine and the old company houses were all demolished and trees have been plnated. A small creek in the area was diverted to its "original" stream bed and the soil in the area was turned. All that remains is the store and post office, which has become a small tourist stop along the way in the Pecos Wilderness. The area is still beautiful and it is worth a visit.