NAME: Cave Creek
CLIMATE: Pleasant summer, heavy snow in winter.
BEST TIME TO VISIT: Summer, autumn.
COMMENTS: True- Ghost.
REMAINS: A few buildings.

Cave Creek has a rather gruesome beginning. Four soldiers from the nearby Fort Ruby discovered a cave at the mouth of the creek. Interested to know more, they rowed into the cave to explore. The small boat capsized. One made it to safety and the other three drowned. Further exploration took place a few years later and the “Great Organ” formation was discovered along with the remains of the three soldiers. Because of its closeness to Fort Ruby, a small camp had formed at Cave Creek in 1867. The saloon was the busiest business at Cave Creek patronized frequently by the soldiers from the fort. In spare time, the soldiers combed the mountain above Cave Creek and discovered silver ore. There was a small influx of miners but the mines produced little and were abandoned in 1870. Once Fort Ruby closed, ranching was the only business being conducted at Cave Creek. One, named the “Cave Creek Ranch”, was the most successful. In 1927, the land was sold to the government for the purpose of establishing The Ruby Lake Migratory Water Fowl and Game Refuge. The remaining buildings from the Cave Creek Ranch are now the base for the Ruby Lade National Wildlife Refuge, one of the most popular recreation sites in Elko County.

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