NAME: Stillwater
COUNTY: Churchill
CLIMATE: Hot summers, pleasant autumns, cold winters.
COMMENTS: Area still inhabited.
REMAINS: Old buildings in old business district.

A small population found the stagnant sink of the Carson River to be a good place to live in 1862 and began to settle and farm. By 1865 a post office opened and the town slowly grew. In 1868 the Nevada Legislature deemed Stillwater the county seat of Churchill County, and the town grew with the addition of government based buildings. Inexplicably, the town declined after 1870 enough to close the post office, but the seat of government continued to function here. By 1877, Stillwater grew again enough to warrant the reopening of the post office and a small town dominated by the wooden courthouse included stores, hotel, saloons, ice house, restaurants, hay yard and school. Stillwater was eclipsed by nearby Fallon by 1904 and the seat of government moved there. Stillwater became as stagnate as its waters and the town declined and then ghosted. Today Stillwater as a town is dead, although the area has a steady population that own and work alfalfa ranches and is part of the greater Fallon area. Submitted by: David A. Wright

Hell-o Ghosttowns: RE: Your article and photo's of Stillwater! That's my house! I was raised on that property back in 1955..the long silver building in our photo is a swimming pool...this pool had natural "hot springs" water, from the property always flowing into the pool!  My parents bought this property back in 1955 and we lived there for several years..across the street was Greenwood's Groceries..with a single gas pump (glass top-gravity flow!) Mr. Greenwood sold canned goods, Levi jeans (under $5.00 a Pair) and was the local Post Office as well. The Bailey's were part of Stillwater's history. The property shown in your photo's was going to have cabins for duck-hunters, as well a new grocery store and gas station...after Greenwood's Groceries had burnt down..this project was later accomplished by John Bell who bought the property from my folks..back in about 1959. My parents Nathan & Helen Bailey owned the "Do-Drop-In" cafe in Fallon..a local hang out for the high school, located next to the original movie theater on main street in Fallon!...Which most likely has been torn down and replaced with new buildings. I may very well have some old archive photo's of Stillwate. Thanks for keeping Stillwater Alive! Nathan Bailey Jr. Albuquerque, New Mexico

Stillwater. D.A. Wright photo

Stillwater. D.A. Wright photo