NAME: Groton City
COUNTY: Tompkins
CLIMATE: Warm summer, cold and snowy in winter
BEST TIME TO VISIT: Spring or fall.
COMMENTS: Groton City is easy to get to and is located on paved roads. It is not completely dead, but I think it has seen better days. Located a few miles northeast of Groton.
REMAINS: Houses and a church.
My mother told me about Groton City and then took me there. As a child, she had attended bible school at the church. I had no clue that Groton City even existed. What I was must surprised about is how well the town is kept up. It probably has between 10-20 residents. I think a reason it was never very successful was from the bigger towns of Groton and Cortland which are not far away. Groton City is an absolute perfect example of a "partially" dead ghost town, and is well worth seeing. Submitted by: Lara Cady