NAME: Potterville
COUNTY: Ulster
CLIMATE: Snow in winter hot in summer
BEST TIME TO VISIT: Nights in the fall
COMMENTS: Near Wawarsing.UPDATE: I visited Potterville New York in June of 2001 by mountain bike by going up Lundy�s Road off of 209 in Napanoch. The road get rougher as you approach the town, and the bridge going to town in such bad shape, you can only get to the town by foot. You need to step around the holes in the bridge to avoid falling into the stream below. There is another dirt road leading from the town going to Upper Cherrytown Road. The big mystery to me is how late 1980�s Pontiac Grand Am wound up in the garage. The bridge and the dirt road to the town have been nearly impassable for decades. I took some pictures of this town. You can link to my site, or post the pictures on your site if you give me credit. Pictures can be found at http://www.markviii.org/
Alex/Potterville/FrameSet.htm .
REMAINS: On private property, no trespassing- some original buildings.

In the begining of the century a local towns man committed the murder of one of the towns residents. He was caught and hung. Soon after people in the town started dying for no apparent reason. The town was bought by an unknown group, and closed from the public. In 1998 Potterville was repossesed by the state because of back taxes. But the town is still claimed to be haunted. Visit at night at your own risk! Submitted by: Kimberly Elder

This town is near Kingston NY. You have it in the wrong section.
Also I visited the town on May 2002 and the property was posted
by Open Space Inst. Sorry to say but some how they
got a bulldozer in there and knocked everything down. They even
hauled all the debris away! Only remains are some electrical lines
and one pole. Some of the garage wall is also visible
Its a shame, cuz I liked that place.......Levi


FIrst, its called Pottersville, with an "s".  Second, its located off Lundy road in Wawarsing, not in Napanoch. Napanoch is actually about 3/4 miles south of Wawarsing. THe update is that a couple years ago the state bought the land and had all the buildings torn down. They felt that it was too much of a risk to leave them up. The road is,last I tried driving up there a year ago, completely insurpassable by anyting other than a 4WD and it has to sit quite high up. If you want to go for a nature walk and just get outdoors for a while, its still a nice place to go, but if youre looking for the whole aboandoned town experience its gone. The car got there because it was driven there, the bridge wasnt always insurpassable by car, it didnt become too hazardous to drive over until late 80s and then flood waters finished it off. Why it was just left there is anyones guess except for maybe the people who left it there. The airplane wing and other plane parts that were located in a barn were more of a mystery. I was born and raised in the area and made more trips than I can count to the town while it was in my teen years till adulthood. However, as you go up Lundy road, shortly after it gets really bad, there is another dirt road off to the left, up that road you will find an old house, last i was there you can drive up as far as that house, if you walk by foot and fallow whats left of the "trail/road" there are more houses. Last I knew, these houses were left alone. But that was about 2 or 3 years ago. The property there is now claimed to be "haunted" as a man was killed in the feild there in a "hunting accident" a few years back.
Anyway...happy town hunting - Lisa S

Courtesy Alexander Sosiak

Courtesy Alexander Sosiak

Courtesy Alexander Sosiak