NAME: Toot's Corners
COUNTY: Mahoning
CLIMATE: Snow in winter, medium to mild summer
COMMENTS: An interesting trip.
REMAINS: Murals.

It begins in the early 1930s. A drifter stopped at the filling station in Toot's Corners, Mahoning County in northeastern Ohio. There was little reason for anyone to come to Toot's Corners located about twenty miles southwest of Youngstown. It had a few homes and a couple of business but no more. The great depression of the early 30s had taken its toll and drifters were a common sight. But maybe this man was hungry or sick or just tired. Or maybe all he wanted was a dry place to sleep. Whatever his reason for coming, the station looked inviting and safe. To repay the owner for a hot meal and a place to sleep, he offered to paint the dirty walls of the station. The deal was struck. The next day he took from his bag some brushes and paints and began his work. Each day the drifter ate and painted. People strolled in and out and wondered. Finally, he was finished. He had created two murals; one with men fishing and ducks floating in a river and another of a pastoral scene with idle smokestacks in the distance. The drifter did not stay for there was no work to be had. Now, people come to see the murals for that is about all that is left in Toot's Corners. Submitted by Henry Chenoweth.