NAME: Avery
COUNTY: Lincoln
CLIMATE: Hot humid summers, cold winters, unpredictable Oklahoma weather
COMMENTS: Avery is located south of Cushing, Oklahoma on dirt roads. Now all that is left are some residences. Few current residents,about 7 miles south of Cushing on the back country roads
REMAINS: A bank & general store are still there, hidden by weeds. The old school is there & has now been turned into a home. Brick, run down bank,and several old houses

Before the turn of the century, the town was called Mound City. Then an official with the Santa Fe Railroad, Avery Turner, built a railroad right through the middle of town. The townspeople were so happy they changed the name of the town to Avery in his honor. However, the tracks were finally pulled up in 1978 as the town slowly faded from view. Submitted by: Sonya Percell

Avery was once a small town which included a church, a school, and a few stores. One of it's main rumors is that the famous outlaw Belle Star hid out in Avery while on the run from the law. When the town of Cushing was estblished it became the oil crossroads of the world and forced Avery to become a ghosttown.-Katie Griffin