NAME: Cherrydale
CLIMATE: Hot in the summer
BEST TIME TO VISIT: There is no reason to visit. Nothing to see.
COMMENTS: I remember this town had died and came back to life briefly during the oil boom in the early 1980's. It's dead again unfortunately.
REMAINS: I single mobile home and a building from the original townsite
This town was located on Highway 152 about 7 miles west of Binger, OK and was abandoned prior to the oil boom of the 1980's, it came back to life briefly during the boom when people were living in nearly anything that had a roof. There were 2 buildings and one of them had the name 'Cherrydale" on it or you wouldn't know that a town had ever existed. i know nothing of it's original history. After the oil boom the buildings were once again abandoned. I drove through there a few months ago and found a mobile home out behind the single building and it looked like somebody lived in the mobile home. Posted 12/23/2010Bill Jewell Submitted by: Bill Jewell