NAME: Dixie
COUNTY: Pawnee
CLIMATE: Hot Humid Summer, Cold may snow in Winter
BEST TIME TO VISIT: Late spring, early summer
COMMENTS:  There are only a handful of residents, and a few that have lived there since the 1940s. This family currently owns half the original town site. Most residents left before Keystone Lake was built in the early 1960s.
REMAINS: Some walls are left to the school. Some foundations. These are located partially on private property and partially on government property  
Dixie is located south of Cowskin Bay North on Keystone Lake. It is surrounded by the towns of Cleveland, Osage, Prue, and Westport in Pawnee County, OK. Founder and founding date is currently unknown. One of the prominent families came to Dixie and bought their land and a cabin from an Indian (most likely Pawnee) with $60 and a cow pony and a milk cow. This family is still there. The "main street" in its heyday was composed of a grocery store which contained the post office, 2 churches (likely Baptist and Methodist), and the school which is still partially standing after a tornado took most of it down in the 1970s. There were several houses to the north side of the town and about 3 large farms to the south. The economy was driven by cotton farming. In order to clear your land title you were required to build a house, drill a water well, and plant several fruit type trees. 
The Dixie Cemetery was originally located approximately 1/4 mile east the school. Before Keystone Dam was built and the surrounding land flooded, the interred bodies were moved to present day Dixie and Bear Creek Cemetery off Highway 64 south of Cleveland, Oklahoma. 
Dixie became a ghost town with few remaining inhabitants in the early 1960s.

Submitted by: J. Ready