NAME: Fame Lenna and Stidham
COUNTY: McIntosh
CLIMATE: Hot summers and cool winters
BEST TIME TO VISIT: spring and fall
COMMENTS: Take State route #9 west from Eufaula, OK and then 4 1/2 miles north to Stidham and then south 1/2 mile and then 3 miles east to Fame and 1/2 north of Stidham and then 4 miles west to Lenna.
REMAINS: little remains of these three towns other than cemetaries, churches and a few homes and one post office located at Stidham.
These three small farming communities, Fame, Lenna and Stidham Oklahoma are forever tied together because of the fact that all high school students attended Stidham High School. I was a 1946 graduate of Stidham High School. However, the high school at Stidham cloesed in 1963 and now all the students go to Eufaula High School. There is still a post office at Stidham but those at Fame and Lenna have been closed for a number of years. The Federal Govenment bought the best of the farming lands for the purpose of building a dam and a lake, Lake Eufaula, and Fame was cut off from a direct route to Eufaula, the county seat. There was once 4 general stores in Stidham, and one in Fame, and two in Lenna. At one time Stidham had a cotton gin and most of the cotton grown near these three small towns was ginned at the Steve Yarbrough gin at Stidham until cattle replaced cotton as the cash crop of choice. Submitted by: DONALD G. MARTIN