NAME: Foraker
CLIMATE: Hot in summer ,snow in winter
BEST TIME TO VISIT: Spring ,fall
COMMENTS: Old oil feild town,it is located 13miles north,12 miles west of pawhuska;6 miles north,5 miles east of shidler,good place to go metal detecting
REMAINS: Not much
Post office february13,1903,foraker tribune;foraker free press;foraker sun was the news papers of the times.The railroads of the times were midland valley it was abandoned in 1968; the other railroad was the osage railway,it was abandoned in 1953...In 1909 the population was estimated to be at five hundrend within the city limits...In 1920 oil was discovered in burbank areas some fifteen miles to the south of foraker.The population jumped to over two thousand,but in the 1930's the oil decrease.Foraker then declined rapidly,the desime of the oil town was the development of large ranches, abandonment of the railroads,and the building of highways Submitted by: Darryl R. VETTER