NAME: Glenwood
COUNTY: about 15 minutes from Oklahoma city, off I-40.
CLIMATE: Cold, possible snow in winter. Very warm in summer.
COMMENTS: This area used to be a housing area for Tinker AFB. The base now uses the area as a training site. Access is restricted.
REMAINS: Old roads, drive ways, one known house - abandoned.

I hear this place was a military housing unit until a plane went down there. General consensus was that the housing area should be moved away from the flight paths. The housing area was cleared out and the building torn down. A few foundations remain. For the most part, it looks like a field, criss crossed by overgrown roads and driveways. Submitted by: Jake Laird

I was reading about the ghost towns and came across Glenwood. Glenwood was not a ghost town it was a residential housing development. Originally developed as off base housing for some AF personnel and primarily DOD civilians. I grew up on East Indian drive, we moved to the house at 932 East Indian Drive and I attended Glenwood elementary, my name and hand prints were imprinted into the wet cement  where the city replaced a block of road when they made repairs. There were several air planes that crash in the community. I remember an area were a B-52 wiped out about 6 houses when it crashed on Bowman drive, not sure if people died there, it happened before my family moved in. That crash opened eyes but the crash that closed the community was the crash when a A-10 on a training  mission crashed again on Bowman drive. From my understanding at the time and I was only in the sixth grade. the pilot radioed that he had troubles and was going down. He had his co-pilot eject then he circled to empty and  drop his fuel tanks. He dropped his fuel tanks off Loman Drive & Ferguson Drive, he piloted his plane to avoid crashing into Glenwood elementary school and ended up skidding on an old set of railroad tracks that were still in server at the time but no trains were running that day. I was told that a pilot crashed into the house were the plane ended up crashing in to and he was able to warn the residents to get out. I don’t know if the pilot was able to eject. The plane crashed into a house through the back side of the house a pilot did die in the crash. We were told it was the pilot who ejected but I never heard any real confirmation as to which pilot it actually was. I was in the sixth grade at the time and I remember the loud explosion and the electricity going out in the school just after the crashed happened. The next day you could walk past the crash site and see the plane and house. That is what closed the community, not long after that the government started buying up all the houses and moved everyone out. You can probably get the fact from KOCO TV, WKY TV or CBS TV as they were the stations who did the reporting.

Just thought you should know    

Jerry Stasyszen