NAME: Hockerville
COUNTY: Ottawa
CLIMATE: Hot summer, cold winter
COMMENTS: Site is now ajoining Baxter Springs, Kansas. Was named after Leslie C. Hocker.
REMAINS: Nothing.
Hockerville, Oklahoma came into exist in 1916 when lead and zinc were discovered there. Post office was established on January 18, 1918 and discontinued on September 13, 1963. It is east of Picher several miles and near the Kansas state line. It was a mining boom town that quickly sprang up and reached a population of 1500 or more. Mining at Hockerville created huge underground caverns in the unstable ground of the area. A very deep cavein occurred on main street around 1950 and ended most of the town's existence. Today, Hockerville is a ghost town and little remains under the brush grown ruins of the once prosperous mining town. Submitted by: Steven McGinty

Hockerville train station. (Note the "Welcome" sign with the town name.)
Courtesy Steven McGinty

WW2 honor memorial in Hockerville. (No longer exists today.)
Courtesy Steven McGinty

Old photo of a cave-in used as a trash dump behind the old bank building.
Courtesy Steven McGinty

Hockerville in the 1960's showing the last remaining buildings on main street. (Note the railraod crossing in the distance.)
Courtesy Steven McGinty

This may be the same area in the above photo. This railroad crossing now stands alone surrounded by farm fields and trees instead of active buildings.
Courtesy Steven McGinty