NAME: Lugar
COUNTY: Jackson
CLIMATE: Cold winter, really hot summer
COMMENTS: There no residents. Just go north on 283 out of Altus by about 15 miles.
REMAINS: Half of the town cover by a lake now.

Town of Lugar was a small town north of Altus. In early 1900's, a twister ripped down half of the town. The town was never rebuild. Then in the 1950's it made into lake known Lake Altus-Lugar or most commonly as Just Lake Altus. During low rain year some of the town may be seen from shore and also by boat. Great place to go diving and look at. The town was named after Frank Lugart, a saloon owner in the town later named after him. Submitted by: Andrew McQueen

I recently ran across the info submitted by Andrew McQueen and would like to add my 2 cents. I recently walked out in the middle of the low water lake and videoed several of the buildings. On the side of one of the buildings in large letters is, " Est. 19?? LUGERT Dist. 38". Sorry for the ??. I don't have my video tape in front of me to see the exact date. My son and I were able to see what we thought to be the old jail house, a building with a basement, large building with a sidewalk circling it and a bridge with drainage canal under it. There were many other buildings visible but unsure what they were. My mother grew up in Harmon,County, Oklahoma which is not far from Lugert. She doesn't remember it being called anything but Lugert.

Kim Carter(My grandparents were Elrods and Wades from Gould,Harmon Co.,Oklahoma)