NAME: Sod Town
COUNTY: Beaver
CLIMATE: Hot Humid Summer, Cold may snow in Winter
BEST TIME TO VISIT: Spring or Fall
COMMENTS: Foundations of sod buildings
School house foundation
REMAINS: Sod brick foundations

The town was noted for the characters -- horse theives and badmen -- who loafed around the saloons. Most of the Chitwood gang, notorious horse thieves who lived nearby and frequented the saloons and were eventually hanged by vigilantes. However, the thieves would not steal from neighbors who treated them in a friendly manner.

Harry Parker, who as a pioneer youngster attended school in Sod Town, once said, "I do not recall the name of my first teacher in No Man's Land, but I do remember that two or three of the older students carried six-shooters to school. They would remove them and hang them on the wall by their hats."

Submitted by: Rick