NAME: Stuart
COUNTY: Hughes
CLIMATE: Very cold and snowing in the winter and hot in the summer
BEST TIME TO VISIT: Spring or summer
COMMENTS: Hotel that pretty boy floyd used to hide out in, some of the old buildings are still there. My mother bought the old movie theater there. When you are there you feel like you are in the old west all over again. There isn't very many people that live there anymore.
REMAINS: Hotel that pretty boy floyd would hide out in and was there from the 1800, as a hotel and the doctor used to do his bussiness out of a room in the hotel still has all his old diarys. Neat to read and the hotel has all the old beds and things like back in the old days. Its great
The only thing i know is that pretty boy floyd would hide out in the old hotel there, the hotel is open for bussiness still today. Has alot of old news paper clippings and things from the past. The town has great people, but not very many people live there. Very small. Submitted by: Sophia budka