NAME: Andrews
COUNTY: Harney
CLIMATE: High desert climate: occassional snow in winter, warm in summer
BEST TIME TO VISIT: Spring, summer (can be hot), fall
COMMENTS: The tiny town lies at the eastern base of Steens Mountain, 13 miles north of Fields, Oregon on a well-maintained gravel road. The hotel burned in 1924, but stone remnants of it remain today. A structure that once served as a dance hall is presently still standing, but the old saloon unfortunatly is no longer standing due to a fire in the summer of 1996.
REMAINS: 2-3 commercial buildings
Andrews, though not literally a ghost town -- parts of it are still inhabited -- nonetheless sports a few abandoned buildings that might qualify it for the title. It was once known as Wildhorse, although when it was opened in 1890 the official name of the post office was Andrews. During its most prosperous years, from about 1898-1918, the hotel and saloons at Andrews provided a popular haven for ranchers and sheepherders in the area. The town's hotel burned in 1924. Submitted by: Marty Wallace